Eats Tapes – Still Lox w/ Xyx Bice

Artist: Eats Tapes
Album Title: Still Lox w/ xyx Bice
Catalogue Number: meow163
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release date: Aug 30, 2010
Territories: worldwide

Eats Tapes take on the complacent global experimental and techno music scenes with an EP of all new tracks that document a stellar step forward in their unique sound. These curiously titled tracks give an obvious nod to late 90′s UK techno and Germany’s funky minimalists, while staying true to their psyched out Northern California and Portland roots.

Classic acid grooves create the backbone while scant 303 notes and sparse and spatial raw synths tones percolate like The BBC radiophonic workshop in Sci-Fi mode jamming with Mike Ink.

Gone is the squelchy swirling noise and relentless percussion of the early work; instead we have patiently restrained compositions that build and tweak into new shapes and forms. Instead of sounding cold and detached, these minimal bangers sound full of life and spontaneous in a way only Eats Tapes could, drawing strength from their legendary improvised live shows and countless hours spent behind a vast array of homemade and modified equipment.

Photograph by Rebecca Veit and Kathryn Hillier

1. UFO Depth
2. Run Generator
3. Oops
4. Bacchan Aliens
5. Still L0x

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