Pacheko – Kosmicare

Artist: Pacheko
Album Title: Kosmicare EP
Catalogue Number: shock23
Label: Shockout
Release Date: April 5th, 2011
Format: Digital only EP
Label Contact:

Pacheko is a Venezuelan DJ/Producer who blends bass-heavy music with tropical flavours like Reggaeton and Changa Tuki (a local Venezuelan dance sound similar to Angolan Kuduro or Brazilian Baile Funk).

He has been remixed by Starkey (Planet Mu) and Brackles (Planet Mu / Applepips), has collaborated with MC Juakali (Dub War) and Cardopusher (Tigerbeat6), and has released music on labels such as Senseless Recordings (UK) and Buraka Som Sistema’s Enchufada – some of these as co-productions with his partner in crime Pocz.

The songs on this EP are three brand-new tracks combining House/Acid/UK Funky vibes with more Latin/Kuduro sounds. Together, they constitute a big departure from Pacheko’s normal sound: after playing his first European tour in Autumn of 2010 (specifically Portugal’s Boom Festival), he has moved away from the deeper sounds of his older productions towards a bigger party vibe. The name “Kosmicare” is taken from a tent at Portugal’s Boom Festival, where party people enduring a bad trip can go to relax, recover, and get back to having fun.

Pacheko builds on contemporary UK influences (like Untold, Shortstuff, and Ramadanman), as well as acid house classics and his Latin roots, culminating in something altogether different, and uniquely Venezuelan. The remix from Nehuen builds on these influences, incorporating elements of Juke and Footwork as well, with an overall deeper vibe.

Pacheko also co-runs Abstractor, a collective of producers, artists and designers who promote parties, run a popular blog (, and represent bass music in Venezuela.

1. Every Day
2. Kosmicare (feat. Pocz)
3. Waiting For You
4. Waiting For You (Nehuen remix)

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