Magic Panda – Days Are Numbered

Artist: Magic Panda
Album Title: Days Are Numbered
Catalogue Number: meow180
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release Date: Sep 12th, 2011
Format: digital EP
Label Contact:

RIYL: Herrmann & Kleine, M83, ISAN, Bibio

Like a nice warm pot roast, Magic Panda is a dish that took time to cook. In fact, the music represents seven years of studio noodling from 30-year-old Jamie Robson, laboring to get everything just where it needed to be in setup and in results. You might expect such results to sound scattershot and overdone, but the Days Are Numbered EP goes down like a warm, gentle reminder of just how much emotion and wonder can be wrung out of a few sounds (again, think pot roast).

Days Are Numbered merges detailed electronic production with delicate melodies, similar to the “plinkerpop” stylings of Morr Music’s classic output. These are tracks that tell stories through shimmering synths (the title track), flanged faux-80s goth guitar (“The Mid-Levels”), and pattering, digitally distorted percussion (“Akasha”). Chorusing and unison effects are everywhere here, achingly constructed in a way that suggests a more cosmically aware and less existentially immature M83.

1. Days Are Numbered
2. Beyond The Burning Horizon
3. The Mid-Levels
4. Akasha

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