Luke’s Anger – The Humdinger EP

Artist: Luke’s Anger
Album Title: The Humdinger EP
Catalogue Number: meow162
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release date: June 22nd, 2010
Territories: worldwide

Luke’s Anger returns to Tigerbeat6 after a 2-year hiatus, bringing to the table four tracks of downright raw and unadulterated jacking machine-funk.

Gross Negligence starts the EP off, sounding like an illegal backstreet boxing brawl between a 90’s techno classic and its bastard-basshouse offspring, this track successfully crosses over into many scenes, whilst keeping one foot firmly in the rave.

Tombstone Trax brings the funk with its timeless equation of 303′s + bad horror movies. This terrifying combination can only equal one thing: B-movie-acid-perculator classic!

Nice Car is a nod to today’s high-speed consumerist society. Partly composed on an iphone in an attempt to destroy a car advert, it’s a swung out jacker that will have the modern 9-5 dancefloor throwing strange angular shapes all over the shop.

Moving into a slower direction Luke closes with Sloq Flush, this track retains the trademark Luke’s Anger P-Funkesque synths and spooky riffs, but shows a bold new Braindance-styled depth to his sound, stretching his compositional palette over a more broken and rough terrain…..

The Humdinger EP does exactly what it says on the tin: no fillers, only humdingers!

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