Kid606 – Let’s Get Radioactive EP

Artist: Kid606
Album Title: Let’s Get Radioactive (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nuclear Energy) EP
Catalogue Number: meow185
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release Date: December 12th, 2011
Format: digital EP
Label Contact:

This is my new EP. Musically influenced by dirty south crunked out hip-hop, retardedly distorted dumbstep drops, Marvin Gaye, and a bit of Terry Riley/Steve Reich piano magic; conceptually influenced by the raping and destruction of our planet from conspicuous consumption, uncontrolled capitalism, constant overstimulation and the endless quest for more.

Oh, and a lot of it is what an alien entity from another dimension told me about how I should be ok with the way things are and think positively regarding our upcoming nuclear-fueled techno utopia and/or apocalypse (Utopiapocalypse?). I’ve been told the only way left to save the world is for society to self implode, and use the planet up for all its worth so our then uninhabitable earth can be better off without us. Sounds like the way things are going, right?

Even if we say that we are willing to lead simpler and less overindulgent lifestyles, and that we don’t want all our options to be faster, sexier, cheaper, better, bigger… the choices are always being made for us. The less expensive and more accessible non-renewable energy is, the worse things are going to get. But hey, at least you will be able to drive an electric car, and may even get that jet pack you dreamt about when you were a kid…

Remixes come courtesy of Deathface (Trouble & Bass), Wad of Money (Dolby Anol) and Duke Slammer (Luke’s Anger/Bonus Round).

Big thanks to DROON ( for the cover art.

1. Intro
2. Let’s Get Radioactive (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nuclear Energy)
3. We Call It Life (Amphetamix)
4. Crude World
5. Let’s Get Radioactive (Deathface remix)
6. Let’s Get Radioactive (Angry Kid606 Tear the Club up mix)
7. Let’s Get Radioactive (Wad of Money remix)
8. Let’s Get Radioactive (Duke Slammer remix)
9. Let’s Get Radioactive (Miffy hates Brostep mix)
10. Let’s Get Radioactive (Acapella)
11. Epilogue



  1. amyblue says:

    Yes! Too long! When will it be up on emusic? Happy Xmas y’all

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