Cex – Secret Monog EP

Artist: Cex
Album Title: Secret Monog
Catalogue Number: meow176
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release Date: June 13th, 2011
Format: digital EP
Label Contact: office@tigerbeat6.com

Cex’s latest collection of tracks, the recently-released TINY CREATURE, made public the horrifying revelation that in the relatively low profile period since the last time this OG laptop prodigy flew around the world mass-molesting unsuspecting punters with his notoriously flamboyant rhythm demonstrations, a startling amount of austere beauty has been incorporated into his palette. Tigerbeat6 is proud now to announce that “Secret Monog”, the dirty red jewel in the crown of this aggressively impressionistic & decidedly anti-fashion approach to funky synth+drum machine, is TINY CREATURE’s second single.

The SECRET MONOG EP features a narcotic video for this emotional banger by the prolific Baltimore visuals wizard Mark Brown which will allow you to visit the bottom of a k-hole in full scuba gear without any additional chemicals. In addition, you will find nine summer-centric remixes of songs from TINY CREATURE by nine of the finest professionals working in the field of beat deconstruction today.
Vaetxh, Wascal, & Gareth Clarke appear representing English Core City & dubstep ground zero Bristol. From Berlin, techno capital of our solar system, we welcome Positive Self, Voltek, & Duran Duran Duran. And from the fringes of the beleagured American empire come Producer Snafu, Schwarz, and Joe Lentini. This exclusive cadre of machine music maestros, handpicked by Kid606 & Cex, skillfully reconfigure TINY CREATURE’s complex and asymmetrical synth riffs into a prismatic array of dazzling, hyperactive trunkrattlers. There are also two exclusive new Cex compositions: “Sean Wilkes Booth,” which is fast and sharp, and “Lizard Lips” which is slow and soft.

01. Secret Monog (Original mix)
02. Dream Neighbor (Vaetxh remix)
03. Trumpetflower (Wascal remix)
04. Constellation Face (Voltek remix)
05. Ebyday (Gareth Clarke remix)
06. Constellation Face (Joe Lentini remix)
07. Sean Wilkes Booth
08. Megamuse (Duran Duran Duran remix)
09. 12exalt (Schwarz remix)
10. Megamuse (Positive Self remix)
11. Trumpetflower (Snafu remix)
12. Lizard Lips

The video for the title track comes courtesy of Baltimore resident Mark Brown, who has been curating cultural events and performing worldwide as avant video artist, DJ, laptop noise artist, and general weirdo for well over a minute. As a video artist Mark Brown has worked with Beach House, Dan Deacon, Teengirl Fantasy, Growing, Chandeliers, Ecstatic Sunshine, WZT Hearts, and many more.

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