Cex – Megamuse

Artist: Cex
Album Title: Megamuse EP
Catalogue Number: meow169
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release Date: January 25th, 2011
Format: Digital EP
Label Contact: tb6biz@gmail.com

Cex is back in 2011 with Megamuse, one of his best songs ever and the first single from his game-changing upcoming new album Tiny Creature.

Megamuse is a sexy beast of spaced out IDM/Hip-Hop sped up and played at 11, pumping out Dr. Dre style Cali-love synth melodies over meaty double-time Baltimore club hi-hats and a laid-back 808 groove. While most of his contemporaries were busy installing new plug-ins or trying to make Dubstep, Cex dug deep into his freakiest electrofunk roots to create a whole new musical vocabulary to speak with, born from long nights jamming with high-end FM synths driven by step sequencers and freestyle MPC blasting.

Stellar remixes come courtesy of next level beatmaker Fulgeance (Musique Large, All City, One Handed Music, Eklektik Records), post-wobble futurebass duo Baconhead (Ebola & Autobee-Acroplane), illustrator/musician/genius Raoul Sinier aka RA (Planet-Mu, Ad Noiseam, Sublight), and up and coming electronica/IDM whiz-kids Kingbastard (Herb) and Scrubber Fox (The Centrifuge, Merck, Skam).

And don’t miss the intoxicating music video:

1. Megamuse
2. Secret Monog (Baconhead Remix)
3. Secret Monog (Fulgeance Remix)
4. Trumpetflower (Scrubber Fox Remix)
5. 12exalt (Raoul Sinier Remix)
6. Megamuse (Kingbastard Remix)
7. Princent vice
8. Megamuse (Video edit)

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