Cardopusher feat. Sensational – We Want Ca$h

Artist: Cardopusher feat. Sensational
Album Title: We Want Ca$h
Catalogue Number: meow181
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release Date: September 19th, 2011
Format: digital EP
Label Contact:

Is this for real? Is Sensational really about money, or is he just messing with us? Let’s say that the answer is both. Never one to let the mundane get in the way of delivering mind-scrubbing rhymes, Sensational spits on “We Want Ca$h” with a woozy cadence that suggests kindred headspinners Kool Keith and the MFs Doom and Grimm. For his part, Cardopusher drops a synth line straight from a 1985-infomercial, with a bed of fresh circa-2011 beat-and-bass boom. It’s a highlight cut from Cardopusher’s most recent album, Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up.

You already knew “We Want Ca$h” in its original state, so let’s look at those remixes. Nehuen screws down the breakneck pace of juke for a syrupy and skittery take, while Sesped (hailing from Cardopusher’s birth city, Caracas, Venezuela) throws down some orgasmic cries over butcher-block beats, before things take a turn for the arcade with the digital squeals on Baconhead’s remix.

Things get more jumpy with Kid606’s energetic undead rave remix of “Pupusa” and Pocz & Pacheko’s demented Reggaeton reworking of “Antisharkz”. Rounding out this EP (very extended play, indeed) is “School Daze”, a new original that is not Cardopusher’s take on Spike Lee’s musical, but almost as good (more hot beats, of course).



1. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational)
2. School Daze
3. Pupusa (Kid606 Remix)
4. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational) (Nehuen Remix)
5. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational) (Sesped Remix)
6. Antisharkz (Pocz & Pacheko Remix)
7. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational) (Baconhead Remix)
8. We Want Ca$h (feat. Sensational) (Instrumental)

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