Aniaetleprogrammeur – Die Kir(s)che Auf Dem Kopf

Artist: Aniaetleprogrammeur
Album Title: Die Kir(s)che Auf Dem Kopf
Catalogue Number: meow182
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release Date: September 5th, 2011
Format: digital only
Label Contact:

Aniaetleprogrammeur is an electro-rock band that formed in Paris in 2005 by Ania Jules (machines/synths) and Hanri Gabriel (guitars/vox/machines/synths).

This male/female duo is a fresh and exciting take on the merging of electronic and punk music they call “machinerock”, with massive sounding drums and heavily processed guitars creating a bed for Hanri’s distinctive and harsh vocals to pull you in.

They mix the big electro sounds that Berlin is renowned for with the melodic overtones of the Parisian Kitsune sound. The tribal pulse of techno and deep drone of ambient music is layered in all their work, but these are honest and visceral songs, and not another simple exercise in genre blending. This debut album showcases a gloriously noisy and imaginative spirit that hits hard like the bastard child of Einstürzende Neubauten and Atari Teenage Riot, albeit less po-faced than the former and less irritating than the latter. We like to think of it as the perfect mix of cold techno beats and furious glam-punk guitars, comparable to when Nine Inch Nails were groundbreaking and Ministry actually shocked people – and that is why we love them!

Besides constantly performing live across Europe at festivals and clubs, Ania has her own highly sought after fashion line Tata Christiane, and the two members regularly perform DJ-sets and have been commissioned for many remixes and soundtracks for theatre, movies, fashion shows, and exhibitions.

Their new album will be released on Tata Christiane in October, when they will also start presenting their new live show at the Drop Dead Festival in Berlin.


01. Ich bin müde
02. Ich habe eine Kir(s)che auf dem Kopf
03. I am not from London
04. Ohhh
05. Alcool (english edit)
06. I bet you stalk me
07. J’ai découpé dans un journal
08. Juste toi et moi
09. Alcool (french edit)
10. C’est super pour moi
11. Pourquoi tu pleures
12. Women
13. Ich habe eine Kir(s)che auf dem Kopf (aniaetleprogrammeur remix)  (Bonus track)
14. Ohhh (aniaetleprogrammeur remix)  (Bonus track)
15. I am not from London (Berlin edit)  (Bonus track)


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