Aniaetleprogrammeur – Der Kopf Auf Der Kir(s)che

Artist: Aniaetleprogrammeur
Album Title: Der Kopf Auf Der Kir(s)che
Catalogue Number: meow183
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release Date: September 5th, 2011
Format: digital only
Label Contact:

It wasn’t enough for us to just reissue Aniaetleprogrammeur’s debut album Die Kir(s)che Auf Dem Kopf, but we are also consecutively unleashing the no-holds barred collection of remixes Der Kopf Auf Der Kir(s)che.
These unique and modern reworkings come from Aniaetleprogrammeur themselves alongside:

Stereovoid (La Chatte, Peine Perdue, Lustrine, France Fiction) who manages to take “C’est super pour moi” into some dark global house territory.

The Escapists, Leonard de Leonard’s new collaboration with graphic designer Elroy, whose mix of “Alcool French” explores the mixed aesthetics of film noirs, adventure novels and movies from the mid 20th century.

Axel Danke Schön, (Team Plastique) taking “I am not from London” to a fever-pitched but danceable level of Throbbing Gristle/Nitzer Ebb/Skinny Puppy styled industrial aggression.

aMinus, the solo project of Valentin Plessy (Plateau Repas), reworks “I bet you stalk me” and showcases his love for 80’s synth pop, house music, 8bit chiptune and R&B.

Johnny Boy from Paris’s remix of “I am not from London” keeps it arrogant and explosively current while revealing influences such as Suicide, Buzzcocks, and PIL.

Mille, the fresh DIY electronica project from the two girls of Plateau Repas, Foufoukoh and Magritte Jaco, who create a musical playground where retro keyboards meet African beats and wild animals in a sensitive road trip without a compass on their remix of “Ich bin müde”.

Tusk and Cindy Wonderful, remixing “J’ai découpé dans un journal“. Tusk aka Aurora Kiss is a seething, glittering, gyrating monster who has teamed up with Cindy Wonderful of the prolific and always potent Scream Club (K, Alphapup, Crunks not dead, Chicks on Speed records, Alien8, Tiny Sensational).



01. C’est super pour moi (Stereovoid remix)
02. Alcool (french edit) (The Escapists remix)
03. I am not from London (Axel Danke Schön remix)
04. I bet you stalk me (aMinus remix)
05. Ich habe eine Kir(s)che auf dem Kopf (Aniaetleprogrammeur remix)
06. I am not from London (Johnny Boy remix)
07. Ich bin müde (Mille remix)
08. Ohhh (Aniaetleprogrammeur remix)
09. J’ai découpé dans un journal (Tusk and Cindy Wonderful remix)
10. I am not from London (Berlin edit)

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