Since 1998, when he was sixteen years old, Baltimore native Rjyan Kidwell aka Cexman aka Cex has burned an unpredictable path through underground music history that defiantly resists summarization. As a prominent member of Kid606′s Tigerbeat6 crew, Rjyan proved himself one of the most original and soulful electronic music artists to blend the intelligent dance music of Europe’s cultural capitols with the retarded dance music of America’s dying metropoli. His early obsessive, zine-like journaling on the web precipitated the rise of the blog and earned him a reputation for being one of the more articulate and unguarded personalities in contemporary music. He pioneered the now-prevalent “karaoke” style of laptop performance by using his loquacious nature and a wry take on hip-hop’s crowd-pandering to wreck big rooms from an empty stage, then went on to reclaim the live band, touring with members of indie innovators like Nice Nice, Joan of Arc, Milemarker, & Wzt Hearts backing him up. After a string of tours as the hand-picked opener for titans like Dismemberment Plan, Postal Service, Mogwai, & Super Furry Animals, Rjyan has spent the last few years focusing on fostering his hometown’s explosive DIY art & music scene by running the cassette label Must Finish, DJing at the award-winning Deep in the Game dance party, and lecturing everywhere from the University of Baltimore law school to the Bell Foundry’s basement. Probably the closest thing the post-internet generation has to the boundary-busting experimentalism of Bowie or Eno, Cex records continue to confound journalists and expand the scope of what an electronic musician’s ambitions should be.