July 25th, 2011

¡Ándale! Vol. 5 – The Humid Edition

Hey Tigerfriends,

it’s been a while, but the latest episode of our podcast series is finally up:

It’s thick and sweaty in the humid, rainy Berlin July weather, so we’re ready to hit you with a greezy downpour here.

First up is a remix from TB6 birthmother Miguel De Pedro. On the event of going back to his Teen606 years with a digital reissue of Don’t Sweat The Technics, the regressively-aging Kid606 slaps some breaks and wobbles on a remix of Soundpool’s disco dream pop, “But It’s So”.

Next up is a very exciting newcomer to the TB6 roster, Magic Panda. With popular music constantly focused on teenage talents, there’s something to be said for letting things brew until just the right moment. As Magic Panda, 29-year-old Jamie Robson presents the cream of 7 years of studio noodling, forged into an ironclad setup for live performance and improvisation. “Beyond The Burning Horizon” puts these bits-and-pieces origins on display with meticulous percussion and an affecting bleep melody. Look out for Magic Panda’s Days Are Numbered EP, coming soon on Tigerbeat6.

In describing “A Hammond and an Impala”, Belgian producer Ninjato posits, “who hears the sound of a grass eating Impala?” Who indeed? What we do know is this: Like his namesake Ninja sword, Ninjato’s glitch-step beat slices through with professional swagger.

We saved the wet towel-slap for last, of course. Joel Aimé being a drill n’ bass veteran, you know things are about to get serious when he titles a track “Sex”. The surprise happens a little after two minutes in, when the beatflexing gives way to symphonic melodies that are alternately gorgeous and mysterious.

We’re very excited to say that this release features the artwork (“Totem”) of Dutch illustrator Raymond Lemstra, whose work is inspired by the illustrative nature of primitive drawings and sculptures. View more at


July 21st, 2011

More love for Pacheko via DJ MAG (Spain)

Pacheko es venezolano y en este ep ha volcado su pasión por la bass music y el acid con un resultado magistral. Tres cortes que por momentos te hacen sentirte en el Warehouse o en el Forward fusionando lo clásico del sonido acid con las programaciones rítmicas más contem- poráneas del dubstep, garaje o UK funky. La remezcla de Nehuen es genial y le da a ‘Waiting for you’ un toque más mental. Compra.

July 21st, 2011

This Kid606 Life

Kid606 took a break from working on his new album to launch his own Podcast series “This Kid606 Life”. The first episode is a megamix of the best remixes he has done over the past year.

You can stream or download the first episode from Soundcloud or subscribe to it via itunes.

This Kid606 Life podcast

Free DJ mixes, Live sets, radio shows, interviews with special friends, and unreleased tracks and mashups from Kid606, coming at you on a regular basis from Tigerbeat6 headquarters in Berlin. Expect nothing but the most interesting and exciting juxtapositions and mutations of Glitch, Electro, HipHop, IDM, Punk, Jungle, Ambient, Dubstep, Bass, Dancehall, and Techno. Please leave a message and let us know what you think!

May 28th, 2011

Cardopusher featured in FACT PT

Hi all,

we’re delighted to hear that Cardopusher’s Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up has been featured in FACT magazine’s Portuguese offspring. You can also stream one of the album’s tracks – “Nice Up feat. Juakali – directly from the site and read the entire article here.




May 5th, 2011

A Chat with Pacheko

Our Kosmicaring Venezuelan Pacheko has had a chit chat with WWU02.

Read the entire interview and get a bunch of free unreleased tracks here.

April 5th, 2011

Kosmicare EP out now!


Hi all,

Venezuelan DJ/producer Pacheko’s EP “Kosmicare” is now out on Shockout. Bass-heavy and tropically flavored, this mighty fine EP shouldn’t miss at any mega acid tropical jammin party these days. To give you a taste and get you in the right party vibes, check out this short little video for Pacheko’s minimix, or stream from his soundcloud directly.

Read more about the release here.

February 25th, 2011

Warble Tone

After last week’s free track courtesy of Wascal, you can now download Luke’s Anger’s “Warble Tone” for free.

February 6th, 2011

¡Ándale! Round 2: Cardopusher

Moving along with our new ¡Ándale! series, this week’s featured track is Cardopusher’s deep bass and house heavy Morning Attempts. Download it free for a week from our Soundcloud starting now!

February 1st, 2011

Dolby Anol – Red Leather/Yellow Leather EP out now on Tigerbass!

Artist: Dolby Anol
Album Title: Red Leather/Yellow Leather EP
Catalogue Number: tbass28
Label: Tigerbass
Format: digital only

Tigerbass presents: Red Leather/Yellow Leather EP, Dolby Anol’s first release of 2011. After their last three EP’s became a staple of many big name DJ’s sets in 2010, the duo show no signs of slowing down. Following the hard-edged techno of Sandy Bitches, the smacked-up disco of Cameroon and Far East rave-inspired Visa/Mastercard, this EP is a dark lesson in strutting contemporary acid, as suited to the bedroom as it is to the dancefloor. Red Leather’s percolating acid synths keep rising and building, while reverb-heavy breakdowns and what sounds like a deranged woman’s pleas for a better world keep the track grounded.

Mirroring the title track is the more accessible and direct club version Yellow Leather, touching on tech-funk influences and minimal house. Yellow Leather is Red Leather’s older more voluptuous sister you just can’t keep your hands off of.

First on remix duties for Red Leather, Kid606 & the Acid Trap bring you a funky dueling 303 meltdown, recorded live and then edited into dancefloor oblivion. Finland’s Obi Blanche (New Judas, What what!) comes next after a string of charting remixes for Boy 8-Bit, Les Gilettes and Zombie Nation. He chops and meads the original into something unpredictable and exciting. Last but not least is San Francisco’s C.L.A.W.S., pulling the track back to the champagne room to make a percussion-heavy space disco trip – a great warm-up or come down (we’ll try both and let you know).

Another notch in Dolby Anol’s increasing number of mini-genre exercises, Red Leather/Yellow Leather will have their increasing fanbase thirsty for what they have in store next – a nine track release with the intriguing title Whet Whet Whet!