Tigerbeat6 Records
(Completely) Independent and (mostly) Electronic music label
run by Kid606 and friends, based in Berlin and California.
Distributed by Revolver USA. All of our releases are available
directly from them, digital or physical:

In 2011 Tigerbeat6 is celebrating its 10th anniversary of releasing fiercely independent and uncompromising music, curated by label boss Kid606. Tigerbeat6 and its sublabels Violent Turd, Shockout and Tigerbass have released well over 200 releases by a truly international cast of exciting and groundbreaking acts, including seminal works from the likes of The Bug, DJ /ruptureDrop The Lime, Soundmurderer, DAT Politics, Kid606, Mochipet, Blectum From Blechdom, CexWobbly, Black Dice, Max Tundra, The Soft Pink Truth, White Williams, Lesser, Gold Chains, KnifehandchopIndian Jewelry, Pimmon, Phon.o, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Numbers and many others.

The wildly varied and disparate discography reads like a clusterfuck of scenes and genres, somehow managing to reject and embrace the extremes of underground and mainstream cultures at the same time. Tigerbeat6 was started in San Diego from the ashes of legendary local label Vinyl Communications, where Kid606 worked at the time, and where he decided to start a label influenced and inspired from Punk’s DIY heyday, post modern classical and Minimalism, HipHop, Japanoise, early Industrial/Power Electronics, Dancehall, UK’s legendary Rave, Ragga and Techno cultures, as well as labels like WaxTrax, Rephlex, Earache, Warp, AMREP, Mille Plateaux, Chain Reaction, Mute, SST, DHR, Touch, A-musik, Trax and Thrill Jockey.

Tigerbeat6’s artists broke the shy bedroom producer cliché and toured the world constantly and extensively to put their extensive mark on the burgeoning Glitch, IDM, Breakcore, Plunderphonic, Mashup, Experimental, Laptop, Bass and Dance/Punk crossover scenes. 

Today, the label is as active and hard to pigeonhole as ever, with a lot of new releases from artists both known and unknown, as well as a special 10th anniversary CD+DVD release coming soon.